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English Speaking Gynecologist İn İstanbul Turkey

Our beautiful İstanbul office and stellar team is equipped to diagnose and treat most GYN issues in a one stop setting.

İstanbul English Speaking Ob&Gyn Center board certified providers are equipped to handle anything from abortion, hymenoplasty, Hpv treathment, genital cosmetic surgery, irregular bleeding to STD testing to fibroids to emergency contraception to breastfeeding. The list goes on.

İn Turkey Ob&Gyn Clinics We are proud to have a diverse team committed to caring for all without any discrimination with locations in istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, İzmir, Bodrum , along with pre and post work and weekend hours, access to quality care is easily attainable.

Gynecological care includes routine and problem-centered exams,pregnancy termination – abortion, hymenoplasty, revirginization, labaiplasty, vaginoplasty, genital warts trethment,  Pap smears,  STD Test,colposcopies, LEEP, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, free pregnancy testing, HPV vaccine, insertion of IUDs and Nexplanon, diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, and the evaluation and treatment of abnormal vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain.

With us in İstanbul , you get personalized care, expert knowledge, and an unparalleled level of compassion. We believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable with their health care provider, and tailored preventative care is essential for a strong, healthy future.

Since 1996 , we have remained dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives the best in women’s healthcare.

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Women’s health care is a right not a luxury!

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